Do you find yourself ever skimming your friends' Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat and just think to yourself, "Man, they're having so much more fun than I am"?  Has FOMO got you down?  Or AMO? (Actually Missing Out)

Some of us are lucky enough to live in a little slice of paradise, so it's really easy to do the things that make your life look like you're getting rad, because you can easily head to String Lake at Grand Teton National Park or Shadow Mountain and have a fabulous day, where it really looks like you're getting after it...but you're're just getting busy living...and not getting busy dying.  #jacksonsuckstellyourfriends So sneaky us ski bums can be!

Well, I have news for you!  Too much of doing rad things, can be exhausting!  Sometimes the best therapy I can think of is a nice cold Montucky (or PBR) and a hammock.  It's not "Doing Rad Shit", but it's as rad as I get some days...because someone's gotta do that laundry!

And, I don't know what pros you follow on Instagram, but have you seen their pictures of airport travel days?!?  They take photos of all the stuff they have to bring, because it gets ridiculous having to travel with all the things to make the things they do look easy.  And don't forget the camera gear and guys with the camera gear to "get the shot".  So. Much. Gear.

I just got back from almost a whole month of tripping about the country, so don't get me wrong...I looooove me a good vacation/ski/ride/SUP/camp, but the grass is greener where you water it and sometimes the Nomadic Life is better dreamt about than done...sometimes.  Plus, sometimes I really miss my fur baby...

(And if you're still reading...that pic is Isla Mujeres, Mexico)