Dude. Bro. Truckette Chick.

Please tell me that you went out to your local ski haven and schralped it up!  This is BY FAR my favorite holiday of all time.  It combines all the best things.  Spring skiing, PBR (or Montucky, if you're lucky enough to find it), costumes, and sassy ladies!  The truckette of choice for the day?  "Ski Bum.", obvi.  However, I think there's one sassy lady, that may need a "Ski Naked." Truckette...you know who you are.

Couple of nuggets for thought that came out of the day:

  • So stoked that the pink lace matched my sweater so well!  #winning
  • When I bought that tutu (for my first 1/2 marathon, ever) I KNEW I was gonna get some mileage out of it...see what I did there?  Mileage? Ha!
  • Dudette!  Fanny Packs?  Um... yes please!  Those might have to go into the rotation of things we bring to our online shop.

Now a story.  And my claim to fame...where no fame is actually claimed.

This is my original Gaper Day crew from 2009...that's me on the right.  This was a particularly amazing day that went something like me reading something in Powder Magazine about Gaper Day.  I somehow convinced all of my friends that this was an actual "thing" and that we should dress up...even though none of us had ever heard of it.  We brought a keg and a grill up the teeny tiny road to the backside of the mountain and (here's where it gets good) we were the ONLY people dressed up at Alpine Meadows (Schralpine, to some) in Lake Tahoe.  Promise.  The ONLY. FREAKING. PEOPLE. dressed up!!!  Of course we had a good time, because well, duh!  We had onsies and a keg, but I'm definitely claiming it for my side of the world, the west coast, best coast.  You're welcome.  ;)

Ok, fine.  I did claim that fame.  But wouldn't you too?!?