It all started with a messy bun...

Let's be honest.  It really started with a hat, a bad hair day and a backpacking trip....

You know those days when you're out in the sun and it's hot as balls, there's mosquitos everywhere, you've got a crazy heavy pack on your shoulders, 8 more miles to go and all you want is to have your gosh darn hair off your neck?!?  (Just writing that made me anxious)  Well, the summer of 2014, that exact scenario was in the middle of playing out in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.  

The Bass Pro Shop trucker hat that Stacie Tunison, inventor extraordinaire, was wearing that summer day just wasn't cutting it.  The same old braids on each side of the head for every. single. backpacking trip just, well, sucked.  After putting hundreds of miles on some hiking boots, it was time for a change.  Full disclosure?  Sometimes you wanna take a freaking selfie and not look like Pippy Longstockings, am I right?!?  These huge trips are to make memories and take rad pictures doing some yoga pose you totally suck at (but that's why it's called practice).  So a MacGyver move with a camp knife changed the fate of that hat forever.  There wasn't really another thought that was put into it.  

Slowly, the realization that EVERY trucker hat in one's closet should be chopped up for a messy bun came around...including some stolen hats from the boyfriend too...(he didn't even miss 'em)  A road trip, and a pit stop at Wal-Mart's craft section, meant that the next thing for the chopped hats was an addition of lace and a flower.  Soon after, random chicas would stop Stacie (especially at kick ball) and ask where she got her hat.  When that became more and more of a regular thing, it was pretty clear that a company needed to be started...because everybody seriously needs a  Truckette!

And so, Truckette Hat Co. was created!

~Obvi, there's so much more to the story, but I'll save that for a rainy day and too much caffeine at the local coffee shop.  Deal?  Deal.

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